The Climate Web is built with TheBrain software, a powerful knowledge management and “mind-mapping” software used by organizations and individuals companies around the world. The software allows you to access the Climate Web on-line, on your desktop or laptop, or on your mobile devices.

We’ve made the Climate Web Open Access, so anyone can take advantage of it on-line, but the web-based version of the software has significant limitations. If you really want to take advantage of the more than 20,000 hours of climate knowledge curation in the Climate Web you’ll want to download the Climate Web to your own desktop or laptop, and even your mobile devices, via Premium Access:

  • You’ll see a huge increase in the Climate Web’s speed and functionality.

  • The Climate Web’s more than 40,000 URLs will open instantly on your screen (within the Climate Web), as opposed to having to open (and close) them in individual browser tabs (more detail below).

  • It becomes much easier to utilize the hundreds of Topical Dashboards in the Climate Web because the Tags used to build Topical Dashboards are harder to use on-line.

  • Once downloaded, your copy of the Climate Web will always be current with the changes and improvements always being made to the Climate Web.

  • You can take advantage of Premium Access to Climate Web even with the FREE version of TheBrain software. The Professional Version of the software does offer additional visualization, searching, and reporting capabilities, but they’re not critical to taking advantage of the Climate Web.

Premium vs. On-Line URL Access

One of the biggest things you’ll like about Premium Access is the ease and speed with which you can take advantage of the tens of thousands of URLs organized in the Climate Web. In the image below, for example, you can see in the screenshot that URLs open up automatically in the Climate Web, allowing you to read the associated stories or websites, or watch videos, all within the Climate Web.

In fact, simply hovering your mouse over a thought will activate the thought as shown in the image below. This makes it possible to scan dozens of URLs and attachments in moments (without having to click on each thought). This Premium Access feature is demonstrated in this short video, illustrating the enormous amount of time that Premium Access can save you.

Accessing the Climate Web on-line, as shown in the screenshot, requires you to click on each thought to get access to its URL, and then click on the URL to open it in your browser. Then you have to close that tab in your browser and return to the Climate Web.

Purchase Premium Access to the Climate Web!

Note: If you really want to take advantage of the Climate Web, but can’t afford Premium Access, contact the Climatographers at to see whether you qualify for one of our limited number of free Premium Access subscriptions.